About Us

We visited yelagiri as a tourist & later ventured into a new hitterto unknown real estate business there. The divine thought of a Perumal temple in yelagiri appeared in Sri. N. karthikeyan’s mind. This tought was whole heartedly encouraged by Sri K.Eswaraprasad who visualized “yelagirimalayan” like “Elumalaiyan”.

The thought of constructing a temple at yelagiri become deep rooted in the minds of both Sri karthikeyan & Sri K.E. Prasad that efforts was taken to collect money from rich group of people. This did not get materialized.

By God’s grace a group of a 9 likeminded people including Mrs. Gangagowri, Dr. Srikalaprasad, Sri, k. Dhamodharan, Sri V.Kesavan, Sri S. Subash, Dr.Indiradevi & Ms. Rajani maniketh formed a trust in the name of “Yelagirithayar”. It was supported by 5 honorary trustees to committed members and lot of volunteers.

Sri N.karthikeyan previous managing trustee, at present managed by Sri K. Eswaraprasad Managing Trustee.

The temple land was purchased with the money collected from the all 9 trustees. Efforts to do the Bhoomi Pooja (27-11-2009) materialized with support from the devotees, when we were undertaking the levelling works at the temple site to our surprise we found a little swami stone which was surrounded by lot of mud lamps. Later we found out that this was the place of worships by the local people especially during the month of Purattasi. We have renamed him as “ADAI KESAVA PERUMAL” & are continuing their worship at this place by lighting lamps every day.

There was no looking back after the arrival of the VIKRAHAM of Sri Kalyana Venkata Ramanar Swami to Yelagiri hills. In fact everyone was impressed with the way the rain was welcoming the arrival of swami vikraham at yelagiri hills. It was continuously raining in front of vikraham and stops while it moves forward and ensuring that the vikraham did not get wet through the journey.

Converting this rocky area into a temple site and around 10,000 – people attended the samproshanam (20.02.2011) (kumpam) was a near miracle & our dreams come true. All the temple activities was carried out in accordance with the sri vaishnava samprothayam with the guidance of Dr. Uv.Ve. Sudarsanachariyar from meenchur & Srivaishnavavist family from vaniyampadi who wish to remain anonymous. This temple also had the fortune of visit by 6 geeyar’s from various madams.

The entire devotees present were in ecstasy when Garuda Bhagavan visit & circle around the temple at all functions ever since the temple Bhoomi Pooja.

All poojas at this temple carried out as per vaishnava agama’s [PANCHARATHRAM]. Everyday three times “thaligai”, weekly Friday moolavar “Thirumanchanam” & Saturday “Annadhanam” and monthly 12 to 15 times thirumanchanam on important Nakshatra days. At present temple have 5 sannthies including Perumal, Thayar, Andal, Ramanujar & Garudalwar. God’s will we are planning to build further Hanuman Sannathi & Sannathees for Alwars & Achariyar’s.

The temple receives nearly 1000 people a devotees on Saturday/Sunday and Government holidays. We have conducted 10 wedding in our temple. All of them are happily blessed with kids.

With the help of our devotee advocate A.Jothi & family from Chennai, the “Vasantha Mandapam”(Kalyana Mandapam) is nearing for completion at temple site and also “pushkarani” work is getting started with the generous donation of Mr. Sri Ekambaram & family from Chennai.

We are greatly fortunate is that we have been able to place a “Kodimaram” within year of Samproshnam & we are blessed by sri Kalyana Venkat ramanar to conduct annual “Bramotsavam” thereafter.

The temple is run by contribution/donation by the public. We have no Hundi at the temple even a rupee donated is accounted here. We request you to be kind enough to contribute you help in the functioning of the temple and obtain the blessings of SRI KALYANA VENKATA RAMANAR SWAMY